Author: Łukasz Rutkowski

Łukasz Rutkowski advises clients from a range of industries, including financial services, banking, e-commerce, IT, logistics and FMCG. He has participated in GDPR implementation projects and compliance audits. He analyses products, processes, IT solutions (software, mobile apps) and services (e.g. using profiling, AI and the internet of things) for compliance with data protection regulations (including industry regulations) and e-privacy regulations.He supports clients in conducting data protection impact assessments and handling data subject requests.
Łukasz Rutkowski
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Remote work vs. personal data processing

The upcoming amendment to the Labour Code on remote work is expected to comprehensively regulate a number of issues and relationships between employer and employee, significantly changing the existing legal landscape for performing work from home. The amendment also touches on issues of processing of personal data. Although work on the bill is still underway, it appears unlikely that the provisions discussed below will change significantly, so it is already worth taking a closer look at them.

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