Publication: The guide to minimum terms of employment for posted workers

Wardyński & Partners presents the guide to minimum terms of employment for posted workers across 25 European countries. The guide was created by our Employment practice with the invaluable involvement of our fellow lawyers from firms across Europe who shared contributions on their jurisdictions.

This guide compiles, in a clear form, practical information on the most relevant employment terms and conditions applicable to workers posted to each jurisdiction, such as working time, rest periods, minimum wage, overtime work, holiday leave, equal treatment and equal opportunities, and health and safety.

We decided to create the guide because we all observed, along with the constant increase in the number of temporarily posted workers, increasing attention to issues related to the posting of workers in the context of labour rights and fundamental freedoms of the European market, especially on the minimum terms and conditions of employment of workers posted to European countries enforced under local laws.

We believe, therefore, that this guide will be a useful resource for employers posting staff to other European countries and for their lawyers, as well as an insightful comparative study for anyone interested in this field.

It is important to note that the scope of minimum terms of employment of posted workers described in this guide is about to change to some extent in most jurisdictions, as new regulations (Directive 2018/957/EU, amending Directive 96/71/EC) have entered into force and are to be implemented by EU member states by 30 July 2020. The new provisions will likely be the subject of further editions of this guide.

We encourage you to read it.