5 June 2023

Ukrainian citizens’ legal stay in Poland extended until at least 4 March 2024!

On 29 May 2023 the Polish President signed a bill into law[1] that amends what is often called the Ukrainian Special Act[2], and extends till 4 March 2024 the date until when Ukrainian citizens may legally stay in Poland, if they entered the country due to the ongoing war.

There will also be an extension in the legal stay of pupils and students, including their parents and guardians.

Persons in education: Legal stay until:
– benefitting from pre-school education, undertaking compulsory schooling or compulsory education in accordance with the Educational Law Act

– undertaking distance learning at a kindergarten or a school in the Ukrainian educational system

– studying at a vocational upper secondary school, post-secondary school or school for adults (from the school year of 2022/2023)

31 August 2024
– taking the secondary school final examinations on the resit date 30 September 2024

The time limits for other forms of assistance provided under the Ukrainian Special Act have also been extended. These affect, among others:

  • legal stay of Ukrainian citizens benefitting from visa-free travel,
  • visas,
  • temporary residence permits,
  • residence cards,
  • Polish identity documents,
  • deadlines for leaving the territory of Poland,
  • deadlines for voluntary return.

The Act is awaiting publication in the Journal of Laws.



1] Act Amending the Names of State Service Colleges Supervised by the Minister Responsible for Internal Affairs, Amending the Act on the Police, the Act on the Border Guard, the Act on the State Fire Service and Certain Other Acts of 14 April 2023.

[2] Act on Assistance to the Citizens of Ukraine in Connection with the Armed Conflict on the Territory of That Country of 12 March 2022.