Flesztag: transparent and predictable working conditions

23 May 2023

Following the implementation of two EU directives – Directive 2019/1152 and Directive 2019/1158, from 23 May 2023, employers will have to include the following information in the employment certificate relating to the calendar year in which their employment ceased:

  • the employee’s use of a new type of leave of absence on grounds of force majeure for urgent family matters caused by illness or accident and specified in Article 1481 of the Labour Code;
  • the employee’s use of the care leave specified in Article 1731 of the Labour Code, given to provide personal care or support to a person who is a family member or living in the same household and who requires care or support for serious medical reasons;
  • days of ‘occasional’ remote work specified in Article 6733 of the Labour Code.

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