If not temporary work, maybe “external workbench”?

7One of the biggest challenges for Polish businesses in the reality of the pandemic and rising inflation is to recruit qualified staff. It doesn’t help when they have limited budgets with which to seek out talent to fill growing job vacancies. For this reason, one solution gaining popularity is outsourcing of employees — or indeed a whole panoply of forms of employee outsourcing.

dr Szymon Kubiak, Katarzyna Magnuska

Employee’s unilateral relocation abroad

An employee working remotely could theoretically work from anywhere in
the world. Such employees sometimes feel that because their physical presence at the workplace is not required, they can freely decide on the
place where they will perform their duties. But a change in working location — particularly leaving for a different country — can cause serious legal consequences for the employment relationship between the parties. Thus
employers need to be aware of these consequences and carefully regulate the location of remote work, as well as enforce the solutions they adopt.

Agnieszka Lisiecka, Piotr Podsiadły

Entry, stay and work in Poland (citizens of Ukraine and other countries)

The special Act on Aid to Ukrainian citizens has just entered into force. We have prepared a guide explaining comprehensively the most up-to-date rules of entry, stay and work in Poland for citizens of Ukraine and other countries. Available in Polish, Ukrainian and English.

The guide was prepared by Magdalena Świtajska and Katarzyna Sawicka from the Employment and Global Mobility practice of the Wardyński & Partners.

Щойно набув чинності спеціальний закон про допомогу громадянам України. Ми підготували довідник, який вичерпно пояснює найбільш актуальні правила в’їзду, перебування та роботи в Польщі для громадян України та інших країн. Доступно польською, українською та англійською мовами.

Довідник підготували Магдалена Світайська та Катажина Савицька з практики трудового права та глобальної мобільності.

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