Employment law newsletter, October-December 2019

Remuneration policy in public companies, protection of whistleblowers, employee capital plans, full ban on Sunday shopping, remuneration specified in offers of employment, security camera surveillance of employees (ECHR judgement), revocation of the first PDPO penalty (PAC judgement), running a blog on work-related topics (ECHR judgement).

World Services Group Publication: Equal Gender Pay

Gender pay equality is a fundamental right embedded in the EU Treaty and in numerous European Directives. Yet, this right is not yet a reality. Women still earn less than men across Europe and are under-represented in decision-making positions. Many European countries have taken initiatives to address this inequality in pay. This booklet covers 20 countries in Europe and sets out figures and trends, the legal framework on gender pay equality, the sanctions for the employer and the means of action for the employee in the event of any violation of the equal pay legislation.

Agnieszka Lisiecka

Employment law newsletter, June – September 2019

Easier pursuit of claims for discrimination and mobbing, obligation to retain an employee until the end of court proceedings, minimum wage in 2020, “zero-rate PIT for young people”, varying employees’ remuneration in relation to length of service (Supreme Court judgement), issuance of A1 certificates (Court of Justice judgement and the stance of the Ministry of the Family, Labour and Social Policy)