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Magdalena Świtajska, adwokat, handles individual and collective labour law, in particular difficult redundancies of senior managers and protected workers, restructurings, transfers, cross-border aspects of employment law, and employment-related civil and criminal matters (such as civil and criminal liability of employees and employers, liability in damages, protection of individual rights, confidentiality and non-competition). She has been advising clients for many years on legalisation of work and stay of third party nationals in Poland, delegating third party nationals to work in Poland and delegating Polish citizens to work abroad.
Magdalena Świtajska
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The Polish Card or Polish citizenship?

Two years passed in July since a Polish Card (Karta Polaka) may also be received by foreigners with citizenship of countries other than which emerged from the Soviet Union’s collapse. The applicant’s knowledge of Polish is checked when considering the application. This seems one of the reasons why the confirmation of Polish citizenship route appears more popular among Poles living in countries such as Brazil or the United States. However, there are situations in which a Polish Card application is a better, and sometimes the only available solution enabling an applicant to be able to boast, in a relatively short while, of holding a Polish passport.

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Foreign citizens do not need to leave Poland

The Polish so-called “anti-crisis shield” (The Act of 31 March 2020 amending the Act on special solutions related to the prevention and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them, as well as some other acts) has introduced a series of legal solutions aimed at solving the problems caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic for the legality of foreign citizens staying and working in Poland. The new regulations are in force as of 31 March 2020.

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Termination of the employment contract before the employee starts work

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 has unprecedented economic consequences, both global and national. The negative effects of current events are felt by most employers. Many employers are already preparing for change, including considering layoffs and holding back on recruitment. 

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The “Anti-Crisis Shield” also for Foreigners

The Polish so-called “anti-crisis shield” proposal assumes changes in a number of legislative acts, including the provisions governing the stay of foreigners on the territory of Poland. Among other things, these changes are necessary because of the limited activities of the authorities responsible for receiving and processing applications for residence permits as well as restrictions in cross-border traffic.

Among other changes, the proposal assumes an amendment to the Act on Foreigners as regards the deadline for submitting applications for residence permits.

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