Employing Ukrainian citizens in Poland—step by step

What can employers say in a job advertisement? How to verify the legality of a worker’s stay in Poland? What are the steps for legally hiring Ukrainians in Poland? What formalities are required when amending their terms of employment? How to delegate Ukrainian citizens to work elsewhere in the EU? How to end cooperation with foreign workers? Lawyers from the firm’s Employment & Global Mobility practice write about the rules for employing Ukrainians in Poland.

Aleksandra Jasinowicz, Katarzyna Sawicka, Magdalena Świtajska, Aleksandra Wójcik

Remote work: New regulations for working away from work

Starting in April 2023, new regulations governing work away from the employer’s location will take effect in Poland. Provisions on “remote work” will replace the old regulations on “telework.”
What responsibilities do the new provisions entail, and how will remote work differ from telework?

dr hab. Marcin Wujczyk

Is labour law ready for the metaverse?

Since 28 October 2021, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was renaming his tech empire Meta and planned to create a metaverse, countless articles have been written about this concept.
But most of them focus on the key issues of data protection and intellectual
property rights. Relatively little space is devoted to considering how the spread of the metaverse will affect the work environment.

Katarzyna Magnuska, dr Szymon Kubiak