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18 July 2024
Draft amendments to the Trade Union Act - access to the workplace

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy is working on an amendment to legislation on collective labour law. The draft law on collective labour agreements and collective accords (whose most important assumptions - with regard to collective labour agreements we have already addressed in a previous flash)  also contains a proposal for a significant amendment to the Trade Union Act.

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16 July 2024
The regulation on artificial intelligence has been published!

On the 12 July 2024, the AI Act was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. It is the first comprehensive regulation that provides norms for the use of artificial intelligence. The regulation divides AI systems into four categories of risk: unacceptable, high, limited and low. 

The AI Act introduces a number of new obligations, including for entities that use high-risk AI systems (which may affect employers). These include:

  • Before putting into service or using a high-risk AI system at the workplace, deployers who are employers shall inform workers’ representatives and the affected workers that they will be subject to the use of the high-risk AI system. This information shall be provided, where applicable, in accordance with the rules and procedures laid down in Union and national law and practice on information of workers and their representatives.
  • In addition, entities that use high-risk AI systems must entrust human oversight to natural persons who have the necessary competence, training and authority, as well as the necessary support.
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12 July 2024
Draft amendments to the Labour Code - seniority

On 9 July 2024, a draft bill on amendments to the Labour Code (UD59), dated 4 July 2024, was posted on the website of the Government Legislation Centre.

The draft extends the assumptions (which we wrote about here) to include the following:

  • periods of employment are to include:
    • training at a doctoral school,
    • receiving a sports scholarship,
    • drawing unemployment benefit,
    • running an individual farm or working on such a farm;
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9 July 2024
Deadline for providing employers with information on the size of trade unions

Trade unions have until Wednesday 10 July 2024 to submit information to employers on their size. The information is submitted as at 30 June 2024 and should include individuals:

  • employed under contracts of employment,
  • cooperating under civil law contracts.
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2 July 2024
New draft law on collective labour agreements and collective accords

On 25 June 2024, a new draft law on collective labour agreements and collective accords dated 20 June 2024 was published (legislative work list number: UC34).

The proposed provisions are intended to replace in its entirety Section XI of the Labour Code, which currently regulates collective labour agreements.

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27 June 2024
Procedures for internal notifications to be introduced already in September

On 24 June 2024, the Whistleblowers’ Act was published in the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland with most of its provisions taking effect on 25 September 2024.

Employers must now determine whether they are obligated to introduce procedures for internal notifications – we have prepared guidelines on how to check.

Text of the Law