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5 January 2023

Infertility treatment using the in vitro method entails costs which, due to non-reimbursement by the National Health Fund, for many people constitutes an enormous expense, often impossible to cover with own funds. Although there are local government support programmes in some Polish cities, subsidies that can be obtained from them do not cover all costs and apply only to selected groups of people.

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7 December 2022

The Christmas and New Year period forces a change in work organisation in many companies. For many undertakings the turn of the year is a holiday period. This is particularly true for production plants, where starting up and maintaining full-scale production in this period is often economically insensible. However, reducing production does not mean that the machinery park can be left without any supervision.

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25 November 2022

Between the hammer and anvil: a forgotten institution in an employer's crisis situation

The current socio-economic situation presents employers a huge challenge. On one hand, they confront inflationary increases that are necessary to retain employees. On the other hand, they struggle with rising prices and business costs.

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5 July 2022

An extended reference period as a tool for more flexible planning of working time. When can it be used and what mistakes need to be avoided?

Employers and employees both often desire flexibility in their employment relations. However, the interests of the parties to an employment contract are not always the same.

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3 June 2022

People who fled from Ukraine to Poland because of the Russian invasion and then returned to Ukraine may not be allowed back into Poland without meeting additional conditions.

The stay in Poland of Ukrainian citizens who fled Ukraine because of the war was regulated by the provisions of the so-called Special Law of 12 March 2022 (on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with armed conflict on the territory of that country).

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21 December 2020
Given the nature of their function, management board members take key business decisions. They have access to confidential information, including trade secrets whose disclosure or misuse could expose the company to a loss.  
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