5 June 2024

Allowing foreigners access to the Polish job market – legislative proposal

A proposal was posted on the website of the Government Legislation Centre on 23 May, 2024, for a bill of 15 May, 2024, on allowing foreigners access to the employment market. The bill simplifies and systematises the system of employment of foreigners in Poland, and is intended to streamline the procedure for legitimising employment, and eliminate abuse by employers of employees who are not Polish nationals.

The main precepts of the proposal:

  • The recruitment process is to be fully digitised. It will only be possible to apply for work permits electronically using a qualified electronic signature, trusted signature, or personal signature.
  • The labour market test is to be abolished. According to information released on the main precepts of the bill, the obligation to submit a declaration during the work permit application process to the town mayor stating that the employer’s human resources needs cannot be met is to be abolished. This is to be replaced with a quicker procedure to be followed where applicable.
  • Higher fines for employing a foreigner illegally. The fine imposed will be proportionate to the number of people employed illegally.

The proposal is currently undergoing interdepartmental consultations, and is due to take effect in Q III 2024.

News concerning further developments will be provided as they occur.

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