29 April 2024

Suspension of applications for consular services

As of 23 April, the acceptance of new applications for consular services for Ukrainian citizens, specifically men of conscription age (18-60) who are temporarily abroad, has been suspended, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reports in a press release.

The change is motivated by the need to bring the procedures in line with new regulations under Ukraine's Mobilisation Law, which are set to take effect on 18 May of this year. The new regulations are aimed at curbing evasion of military service. Among other things, they restrict the issuance of foreign passports without updating military registration documents.

New applications will not be accepted until the ministry receives clarification on the provisions of the aforementioned law. However, applications that were submitted before April 23 this year will be processed, and the procedure for obtaining documents allowing for the return to Ukraine remains unchanged.

We will keep you informed of further changes on an ongoing basis.

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