22 April 2024

A new version of the amendment to the law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens

Work is still in progress on the amendment to the law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine. A new draft was published on 17 April which includes the following changes (as compared to the previous version):

  • The change of status from UKR to CUKR (where a person with UKR status receives a temporary residence card) will take place on the day he/she receives the card and not on the day he/she receives a temporary residence permit;
  • The requirement for a minimum period of stay in Poland and a minimum number of permits will be abolished when applying for a residence card to reunite with family members;
  • It will only be possible to obtain a residence card under simplified conditions if the foreign citizen has UKR status on the day of submitting the application, i.e. on 4 March 2024, and has had it for at least 365 days;
  • It will also be necessary for information in the PESEL register to be complete during the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit.

The controversial provision regarding the obligation resting upon a Ukrainian citizen (who has obtained a temporary residence permit with the obligation to submit a respective notification) to submit notification upon being entrusted with work, has also been amended. The foreign citizen will have seven days from the date of receipt of the decision to inform his/her employer. The seven-day deadline for the employer to submit a new notification will only begin to run from the date the employer receives the information.

In addition, under the new draft law, the permit for foreign citizens will not expire if they fail to appear twice at the time set by the foreign citizens’ office to collect the card, but it will expire if 60 days have passed from being informed about being able to collect the document.

We will keep you informed of further changes to the amendment.


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