21 May 2024

Assumptions of draft amendments to the Labour Code - seniority

On 13 May 2024, assumptions on the draft law on amendments to the Labour Code (project number UD59) appeared on the list of legislative and program work of the Council of Ministers. The proposed changes particularly include the following counted as part of the employment period:

  • periods of work on the basis of an agency contract, contract of mandate or other contract for the provision of services to which, in accordance with the Civil Code, provisions relating to mandate apply,
  • periods of non-agricultural activity, among others:
    • individual business,
    • post of member of parliament, member of the European Parliament or senator,
    • work for remuneration during imprisonment or temporary arrest,
    • active military service by a non-professional soldier,
    • substitute military service,
    • work through membership in an agricultural production cooperative or agricultural circles cooperative,
    • certain periods of not being subject to social insurance, as stipulated in special regulations, related to work or activities that, as a rule, constitute a title to social insurance (e.g., work under a contract for the provision of services by high school students or students up to the age of 26). The draft assumes that the listed periods will be confirmed by a certificate issued by the Social Insurance Institution.

Adoption of the draft law by the Council of Ministers is scheduled for Q3 2024.

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