18 June 2024

Increasing number of foreigners on the Polish labour market

According to the latest (published on 11 June 2024) information from Statistics Poland (GUS), more than one million foreigners (1,015,100) were working in Poland at the end of December 2023. Their share of the total number of people working in Poland was thus 6.6%. This means an increase of 4.2% in the number of foreigners working in Poland over the past year (comparing statistics from January and December 2023).

A significant proportion of foreigners employed in Poland were working under civil law contracts. According to Statistics Poland, there were 395,600 such workers at the end of last year.

The vast majority of foreign workers were citizens of Ukraine (about 69%) and Belarus (about 11.5%). A significant increase in the share of the Polish labour market was recorded for citizens of the Philippines and India.

Foreigners found work mainly in the following sectors:

  • administrative and support services, including employment agency work (approx. 217,700), among others,
  • manufacturing (approx. 179,700),
  • transport and storage (approx. 149,700).

Data from GUS / Own calculation based on data from GUS

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