13 June 2024

Legislative work on shopping Sundays continues

The first reading has taken place of the parliamentary bill amending the Act on Restriction of Trade on Sundays and Holidays and on Certain Other Days and the Labour Code Act.

Main assumptions:

  • Increase in the number of trading Sundays – trading to be possible:
    • on the first and third Sunday of each calendar month,
    • on the first Sunday in December and the following two Sundays before Christmas Day, with the exception of the Sunday falling on 24 December,
    • on the Sunday immediately preceding the first day of Easter - or, if it is the first or third Sunday in the month, also on the Sunday preceding it.
  • Extension of entitlements for employees working on Sundays in a trading post:
    • an employee shall be paid double for Sunday work,
    • the employer shall provide an employee with at least two Sundays off per calendar month (previously the employer was required to provide the employee with at least one Sunday off per month),
    • according to the draft, as previously, the employer will have to provide an employee with another day off work for work on a Sunday within six calendar days preceding or following such Sunday (until the end of the settlement period if the employee cannot use the day off in such period),
    • it will no longer be possible to pay the employee a salary supplement instead of a day off (until now, the employer could pay the employee such a supplement if it is not possible to give the day off until the end of the settlement period). Resignation from this solution is intended to respect an employee’s right to rest and to ensure so-called work-life balance.

According to the bill, the law is expected to enter into force on the first day of the month following the date of its announcement.

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