18 June 2024

The employee may be familiarised with his/her scope of duties on the intranet

The Supreme Court has confirmed that an employer may familiarise an employee with his/her scope of duties by posting such document on the intranet. This results from the Supreme Court's ruling of 17 January 2024 (III PSK 26/23).

The case concerned an employee who accused his employer of posting his scope of duties on the intranet, as a result of which he was not clearly acquainted with it. The employee also pointed out that he had never signed a statement confirming that he had read the scope of duties.

According to the Supreme Court, posting the scope of duties on the intranet meets the obligation to inform an employee. Moreover, the absence of the employee’s scope of duties in the personal files or the employee's failure to explicitly confirm that he had read it is not decisive in assessing whether the employer has fulfilled its obligation in this regard.

The possibility of conveying the scope of duties in various ways (e.g., by e-mail) has previously been accepted in case law. However, in the decision in question, the Supreme Court confirmed for the first time that it is admissible to post an employee’s scope of duties on the intranet.

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